ALTER ECO Dark Coconut Toffee 80g - Organic Chocolate

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Salty-sweet perfection with a chewy bite and a smooth buttery finish


Single Origin Cacao


8 Ingredients

Raw cane sugar, cacao beans, coconut toffee with butter and sea salt, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, butterfat

Cocoa: 47 % minimum

Organic ingredients: 100%

Fair trade certified ingredients: 90% 


This beloved traditional confection gets the gourmet Fair Trade treatment. Roasty-toasty Sri Lankan coconut and Paraguayan cane sugar are sprinkled with French sea salt to form a uniquely nourishing, supremely satisfying crunch. Dunked in our velvety Peruvian dark milk chocolate, this lush tropical toffee delivers buttery, salty sweetness in every bite. 

The smooth intensity of Dark Coconut Toffee reflects the rainforest from which it hails. Acopagro sits at the edge of the Peruvian Amazon, where the world’s richest soil and the shade of the forest canopy create an ideal environment for native cacao.



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