MINGLE Seasoning Blend Sammy All Purpose - 120g

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Sammy is that seasoning that you guessed it, you can use for all purposes. A seasoning that is perfect for times when you just want your meal to taste good without thinking. A mild seasoning in terms of heat, Sammy has a full-bodied flavour largely thanks to garlic, onion, cumin and sweet paprika.

Sammy is very versatile and can work her magic on anything! Check out the product images for inspo on how to mingle with Sammy! The Mingle girls have been created to make you look good in the kitchen and for cooking to be simple and easy. Simply shake on anything and you’re good to go!



Onion, Garlic, Cumin Powder, Sweet Paprika, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Mustard, Coriander (if you don’t like the fresh herb Coriander, don’t fear! The powder doesn’t taste like the fresh herb), Roasted Chilli Powder, Thyme, Oregano, Basil Leaves, Parsley



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